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When I think back on my summers as a kid one activity is consistent... VBS.  Every year, my siblings and I attended a vacation bible school.  We had a ton of fun and learned a lot too!  So, when I was brainstorming what to name my next summer tutorial group, I quickly thought of VBS.  Vacation Business School.  We will learn, we'll play games and there may be a few prayers to Jesus but those will be optional, I promise. ;) 

Inside the Vacation Business School you will learn how to better run your business from your phone.  Yup, that's right, you can run your business from your phone.  That means more time on vacation with your family and less time trying to understand complicated programs on your PC.  


We will learn a ton in seven days.  You can expect daily LIVE tutorials from me.  You will receive a beautiful easy-to-use workbook.  You may even have a webinar.  I tend to give out prizes for participation so be on the look out for that.  Group starts on June 21st.  The first official day of Summer! 

VBS IS COMPLETELY FREE* however, if you would like to also have a strategy call with me, you can indicate that below and I will send you an invoice for $34.95

xoxo, Ambra

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sick of boring content... not seeing the conversions you're looking for....

The Spring Fling is a 7 day course that will start on March20th, the first day of spring!  I will be providing daily tutorials in a webinar format within a closed group. You will learn how to view your content as if you are a brand-new prospect, how to write convincing copy text, and how to make your very own pretty content that falls within your own branding.  

Spring Fling is for female biz babes who use social media to generate revenue... or would like to.  If you have a shake, leggings, or lip gloss to provide your audience you should be in the group.  If you are a wellness coach or personal trainer, if you even have a brick & mortar storefront but get so lost on social media.... This course is for you!

Don't have your own branding? Not even sure what that means? No worries friend, I've got you covered.  You will receive an actionable workbook with written steps to take.  You will also receive a *bonus workbook.  You will also have the opportunity to win *prizes!!! Activity within the group is required.  No looky-loos.  I want biz babes who are ready to ramp up their game! 

At this moment I am reserving space for those of you who are interested and ready to learn! Fill out the form below

This group is currently CLOSED.  However, you can purchase the workbook, slideshow, and hour long tutorial here.  

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Thanks friend! See you soon!