Best Apps for Custom Content


When I first started using social media for growing my at-home fitness business, I had no clue what I was doing!  I noticed other women were capable of making their own meme's and graphics and I wanted to be like them.  Logically I downloaded the top few hits that came up in the App Store and went from there.  But my content didn't look professional and I wasn't happy with the finished product.  

The key that set me apart? My own brand.  My own style.  My own colors.  My own fonts.  

Friends, at this point I was a part of a large MLM for fitness products, you might have heard of BeachBody.... But I couldn't continue to make posts that looked just llke every other BeachBody fitness coach.  I had to do something different.  To be honest, if you are in an MLM and you are using their stock photos and listening to their marketing advice you are probably doing that wrong too.  Not your fault.... but what makes people want to invest in you is YOU.  That won't come across in their glossy photos.  But I digress, the real point is how do you find apps that let YOU be YOU?!

The key is to use apps that will let you upload your colors, fonts, and images.  These apps work like a digital blank canvas.  That way, you can make your own digital content.  


1. Rhonna Designs

2. Rhonna Collage

3. Over App

My number one piece of advice I can give you: DO NOT USE THEIR STOCK PAPERS, COLORS, GRAPHICS, TEMPLATES  Delve into the apps, learn how they work and learn how to make beautiful graphics that come from your head.  Not the creative type? No worries.  Even just using a clean black font and white background can still be eye-catching to your audience.  

1. Rhonna Designs: My favorite part about this app is that I can easily resize images to become a square.  A square shape is still preferred on Instagram which is where I spend most of my time marketing.  True, you can upload different sizes now, but let's be real, square is where it's at.  All you have to do is upload a photo from your camera roll and re-crop.

 My second favorite part about this app is the ability to put in custom colors.  This is a hack I think is often over-looked.  

Heres how: Within the text block, change the font color and scroll past the provided colors until you see "more" Tap on That.  Within the "more" options there is the Creative Cloud logo, Tap On That.  But don't worry friends, you do not have to have an Adobe Creative cloud account to access this tool.  You can choose to "skip login" unless of course you have an Adobe Creative Cloud account and want to do that.  Next, it will pull up options for a color wheel, RGB or CMYK.  I use my colors in an RGB format.  How do I do that?  I use a website called html color codes and you can do that too.  Find the website HERE Next, Choose the RGB color picker, slide the guides to match your customer colors and you are all set to go! Now every time you log in to the app, in the more section of the text colors you will see your custom colors.  

Color is just one tool to help provide yourself with a recognizable brand to set you apart form the pack.  If you have trouble with this and really don't know how to start, I'd love to help you!  Feel free to book a free 20 minute consult and we can talk all about building a custom logo and brand for your business.

Watch the tutorial I originally aired on my personal Facebook below. Enjoy!

~ Ambra

Ambra Junqueiro