Hi! I'm Ambra, a girl born and raised in a small town in Northern California.  Family, Food, Fun, Fitness and Sunshine are my favorite things.  I have an independent streak a mile wide and have always been interested in doing what other people aren't.  I'm the oldest of four and "Leader" has been used to describe me since I was a little girl, (some say bossy... whatever.)

I became a mom pretty young and ever since then my passion has come from my desire to raise my children MY WAY.  I have wanted to be the one taking them to school, influencing them and witnessing every little moment along the way.  I am now a mom of three.  I married my grade-school sweetheart, Mike, who can be seen operating a Crane all around Northern CA.  We love taking our boat out in the summer and potlucks with friends.  But, the work-from-home/soccer-mom lifestyle is my constant hectic schedule.  And I wouldn't have it any other way! 

I know how frustrating it can be, to be home, pouring your heart into your little ones, loving every minute and still feeling like... I'm missing SOMETHING MORE!  Everything clicked for me when I dialed in my given talents and combined them all to best serve others.  Designing websites is more for me than just putting some photos, colors, and text together.  I want to help you drive your message and increase revenue.  I'm rooting for you and your business.  I'm pioneering my own path for my family and I want to help you do the same. 

about ambra jo design co

"providing unique solutions in the digital marketplace"

The mission is to present your products and services in an artful way.  To strive for a unique perspective, and keep going until we get it just right.  I work very closely with every single one of my clients.  

Ambra Jo Design Co is a small home-based design studio based out of Northern California.  It was started in early 2015, working quietly on projects.  The business launch into mainstream came in 2016 when the need in the marketplace beckoned a larger presence.  


college courses in: Design Principles, Art, Art History, Advanced English, and Critical Composition.

online courses in: business mentorship, digital products, video academy, and content creation

AJDC specializes in custom website design within Squarespace, custom branding that converts, and social-media marketing strategy.